How To Update Your Flat

Like everyone I get bored with my flat. I put a lot into it at the beginning and when it was all done I thought I would never want to change a thing. But you see what others have done, spot something on Pinterest or in a shop and you want to start all over! But that’s too much effort, so I make small changes, little updates and that gives me my revamp fix.  

One of my favourite places to change up is our mantelpiece. It is a real focal point in the room so I always notice it. I have this garland on it at the moment, it is actually a Christmas decoration but I think it works here. The lime green is fresh and not that too Christmassy. I also have painted the tall candle sticks with Annie Sloan paint and bought some new candles from Neptune.

Another small thing you can update are lampshades. They can bring out a new accent colour or print. I haven’t changed this one yet but I am thinking of doing it! I also picked up a new basket from Cox & Cox, it’s made this corner feel completely different (it’s currently full of plastic balls for Jasmine but you wouldn’t know!)

Cushions are an obsession of mine. I am always changing these. This is the easiest way to update a sofa. I am trying to lighten up our room a bit and reduce some of the prints so chose some light blue velvet cushions and only one print cover.

You will have seen my stairs in vlogs and other photos so this isn’t something new you haven’t seen, but I change the wallpaper on the risers every 1-2 years. It makes a massive change to our hallway. I love how it has that effect. You can see how I do it here.

This bookcase has been colour coded to add a bit more colour to the room. It ties in with the yellow basket I think – picks out those accents. It is a really therapeutic thing to do too!

All that I have done here is move the bench out from under the table and rest it against the wall and then put some new cushions along it. It has completely changed this area of the room and has made this seating area much more welcoming and comfy!


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