How To Use Pinterest To Help Design Your Home

I was very restrained and I didn’t start Pinterest boards for our new house until we had exchanged. I felt like I was going to jinx it if I did. But once I knew it was going ahead I got my Pinterest mojo on!

For now I have organised it by room and I have focused on the rooms I need inspiration with. I haven’t got a board for bedroom yet as I think this is an easier room to pull together – there is less going on. These boards have really helped me pinpoint my style and strong themes came through. For example, I didn’t realise I wanted dark kitchen doors until I had started pinning! I wouldn’t say I completely rely on Pinterest for all my inspiration but it is a place where I have an online scrapbook and where I can go back to again and again.

Randomly the space I am most indecisive about is the hallway. I think it is because there are a few ‘wooden’ elements that need bringing together: the floor, the stairs, the bannisters. I don’t want to mix wood colours so I would prefer to go with a light wooden floor and then maybe dark bannister but then what to do with the stairs?! I loved the wallpaper we had in our old flat, but it wasn’t the most practical and I feel like I want to do something different this time. I would love to tile the stair risers, but I imagine finding a tile that is the right height would be really tricky. Mmmm…

Bathrooms are another one I am being indecisive about. Now we will actually only have two bathrooms as I have recently changed my mind about the downstairs toilet. I just don’t like the idea of it opening into the kitchen and I really don’t think we need it. The house isn’t massive, we only need two bathrooms. So instead we will have a downstairs cupboard that we can use for coats and shoes, etc. I think I have an idea for what I want for the main bathroom but I do keep changing my mind! I guess I can have two completely different bathrooms – why not? One will be quite strong colour wise and the other a bit more neutral. Well, that is where I am at the moment!

I have also got ‘sub-boards’ for rooms like the living room so I can look at particular features like sofas.  It sounds silly but I think in a living room the sofa starts the agenda – there are a lot less options for colours of sofas than there are colours for paint. What I am saying (badly), is that it is easier to match paint to the sofa rather than the other way round. So I need to decide on my sofa asap!

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