Sneaking Colour Into Your Home

As those of you who follow my Instagram will know, I have recently gone down a pink bathrooms rabbit hole… And once I started looking at pink bathroom, I found some other gorgeous inspiration for the home. I am not sure if I want to live in a pink house but I definitely would like more of it around. We are thinking of moving so now is the time to start collating those mood boards. The problem is I don’t think Matt would be behind this plan. Mmmmm…

(Crockery: @suiteonestudio on instagram | Pink bathroom of dreams: @cortneybishopdesign on instagram)

So I reckon I could slyly start getting some pink crockery into our kitchen without Matt getting wind of my pink takeover.  And love these gold forks – yes please I will take those too!

(source: @westwingde on instagram | source: @loafhome on instagram)

Love this magazine rack – contemporary and chic. Thumbs up from me. I don’t think he would even notice it is pink. As for the pouffe – in our house we love a pouffe (if you don’t get the best spot on the sofa – the corner – then you get a pouffe as a consolation prize). It turns out you cant really clean them so I often find myself replacing ours every couple of years. The perfect opportunity then to sneak one of these bad boys in!

(source: @suiteonestudio on instagram )

Well these are going to be so easy to find their way onto our glass shelf. I recently broke ours which weren’t anywhere near as nice so Matt can’t complain about my replacing them for better ones can he?!

(source: @loaf home on instagram)

Ok so this one is going to be hard. No trickery is going to stop Matt from noticing I have bought a big pink sofa. But I am prepared for the hit on our marriage 😉 I want this in my life.

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