How Lisa Styles Her Master Bedroom

1. Use an accent colour.

Here Lisa decided on a teal accent colour, which is complemented by more neutral colours. The bedroom is framed by the beautiful and arresting built-in wardrobes on one side. This colour is completed by the large square cushions on the bed, which really pulls everything together. For the wardrobe, Lisa decided on the gorgeous teal Vardo from Farrow & Ball. She was initially a bit nervous about such a bold colour but loves the look. For her walls, Lisa went with a mellow Cornforth White and a bold Down Pipe for the floors.

2. Thinking about texture.

Take Lisa’s bed as an example. There is the twill weave of the headboard, coupled with the large square teal quilted pillows, flannel pillow cases and smaller tufted cushions. At the end of the bed, Lisa has a cream and grey throw topped with a natural coloured throw.  It helps avoid everything looking really flat.

3. Get an outsiders perspective.

Having someone to discuss your thoughts and ideas with can be really helpful to create a cohesive look or to get new ideas. To help pull together the final touches on her bedroom, Lisa met with a home stylist at West Elm but chatting to a friend or family member can be just as helpful – although it helps if they’re design interested!

4. Be storage smart.

Beautiful built-in wardrobes are dream goal for many. To see why, just check out Lisa’s dreamy wardrobe in that bold teal colour. Lisa worked with Fox Wardrobes who create bespoke cupboards but also create more bespoke doors for Ikea wardrobes and cabinets, which is the option Lisa went with. This gives you a custom-built look for a portion of the price! After you order, it takes about six weeks to receive your doors, but it is worth it for the price, the ease and the ability to customise. If you can, incorporating lightning into your wardrobe takes it up to the next level.

 Lisa also swears by extra under-bed storage, which keeps linens and towels out of sight.

5. Use mirrors as feature pieces and to create space

When she received her large mirrors, Lisa was hesitant – was it too grand for a bedroom? It is now a real feature piece of the room and fits with the boldness of the teal wardrobes. Not to mention that the mirror frame matches the brushed brass handles of mirror perfectly.

The mirror on top of the gorgeous dressing table
adds a touch of mid-century and together with the vase and brass lamp create a
beautiful focal point in the bedroom.

If you want the bedroom full tour, check out the full video tour below!

Hope this has helped inspire and educate you!

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