Top Tips For Styling Children’s Rooms

Having children is exciting but exhausting. Setting up a nursery or kid’s room seems like just another task in a long, long line of tasks but creating a space that is cosy and beautiful for your child is super rewarding. Thankfully, it does not have to be too difficult, time-consuming or expensive. What’s more, there are so many ideas and things that are practical and pretty.

So today we are visiting one of our favourite room’s in Lisa’s house: her daughter Jasmine’s room. (Along with her dog Poppy, Jasmine is one half of the inspiration behind Lisa’s Poppy & Jazz line of sewing patterns for babies, toddlers and four-legged friends.) Let’s begin!

 Having beautiful but functional storage is key! These baskets are from West Elm and are great for storing toys. 

They also go really well with the rug. (Note: They are now out of stock online but you can find something similar here.)
Lisa also uses one of the
Lisa Comfort Home Alibaba baskets for Jasmine’s laundry – convenient and gorgeous.

Remember to make space for you. Kid’s rooms are not only for kids – parents spend a lot of time in there too. As much fun as it is to play on the floor, they sometimes need a place to sit. So why not make it stylish and comfortable?

This armchair creates a little reading area for Lisa and Jasmine. It is also from West Elm and fits so well in the room. It’s the perfect size and a gorgeous texture, that looks like velvet but is actually a much more practical material. Our Lisa Comfort Home blue velvet cushion and elephant teddy are the perfect accessories. 

The crib is probably the centre piece of a nursery but it doesn’t have to be fancy. Lisa opted for a white crib to go with the rest of the room. For a pop of colour, Lisa added our coral cotton throw.

I use one of the Lisa Comfort Home Alibaba baskets for her laundry – practical and gorgeous!

Walls are a great place for experimentation. It could have fooled us but on these are actually wall stickers from the Lovely Wall Company. Wall stickers, or ‘decals’ as they’re called, are fantastic because you can create something truly unique to you. They are also easier to put up than wallpaper. And because they are removable and reusable, they are perfect for decorating rented homes or apartments. Our only suggestion… put them out of reach from curious little fingers!

Shelves, shelves and more shelves! Have fun with displaying toys and trinkets on the walls. There are just so many options out there for fun shelving for kid’s rooms. These small triangular shelves where the tiny knitted lamb and zebra live are super sweet. Having a lot of shelves makes it easy to change things up, so things never get boring. Lisa also uses shelves to display her books so that Jasmine can select the one she wants to read by herself.

If you want the bedroom full tour, check out the full video tour below!

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